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Advertise with Politricks SA

Change the way you do your marketing and advertising. We will create cool, informative and interesting videos for you to use when promoting your products or services. The videos can be recorded or animated. We can also record and edit adverts for radio. See below for more details.

Video Advert Creation
(Social Media) 

Politricks SA records, directs and edits videos or animations which can be used to promote services or products, create awareness, inform the public about a particular matter or explain a particular process or concept through a video tutorial. These are high-quality interactive videos that drive engagement and maintain the attention from the audience.

Radio Advert Creation

Politricks SA creates clear, well-edited adverts for radio. Professional voice-over artists who suit the brand and the messaging are selected for the projects.

Social Media Consultations and Promotions

Politricks SA will assist with social media promotions and provide consultations on the best approach for advertising your product or service.


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